Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote in girlgenius_lab,
Kevin Standlee

Genuine Foglio Sketches, Only $1!

Today I went to the first evening of the California Steampunk Convention. In a prominent corner of the dealers room was the Studio Foglio table, and next to it a smaller table with Foglio original sketches priced at $1 each.

That's Victor Foglio (Phil & Kaja's son), who alertly noticed the empty table, started drawing sketches, and put up a sign offering to sell them for $1 each.

And people were buying them, too. Clever kid. And he likes trains, too.

Steam Powered looks like it should be a fun little convention. I'll be back down there tomorrow to hear about the Babbage Engine and other things of that ilk.
Tags: conventions

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