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girlgenius_lab's Journal

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Agatha's Minions
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Community for Agatha's followers, lackeys, creations, suitors, and archenemies-in-disguise-thereof!
Welcome to the LiveJournal community for Agatha's followers, lackeys, admirers, henchmen, creations, suitors, and archenemies-in-disguise-thereof!

A few rules set down by the ruling spark:
1) We must keep the Baron's peace here, lest we attract Wulfenbach's unwanted attentions. No incendiary remarks or devices, please! Note, this means no current politics except for the important topics such as who is the best Tyrant for Europa!
2) Advanced students are requested not to flaunt their greater knowledge, but instead place it under an LJ cut. This includes comics notes from this week.
3) Similarly, if you have any particularly sparky insights into Agatha's journey, or knowledge gleened from time machines, oracles, complex mathematics, or other means of finding out that which Man Was Not Meant To Know, kindly lj-cut as courtesy to those who do not wish to risk the Madness of carrying such Terrible Knowledge.
4) No Revenants or minions of The Other! These can be identified by greatly off topic posts, advertising for communities unrelated to GirlGenius (or approximately identical to this one), not cutting images and posts of unseemly size, and a dubious aroma. Such actions are clearly Evil, and thus in support of The Other, and are punishable by Exile from Civilized Lands!
5) NO ADVERTISING! This is an institution of academia, not commerce! While it is admirable to share discoveries from the less charted ares of the aethernet, and identifying potentially useful scientific resources is appreciated, advertising one's own wares in the lab is terribly gauche. Similarly, please refrain from posting sales on behalf of your colleagues, your creators, your constructs, conspicuously-distressed-strangers you wish to assist financially, or any other affiliates. Here is further clarification of the rule and a good place to ask questions. This rule includes personal webcomic promotion and kickstarters.
6) Under no circumstances should an entry-level lab member take it upon themselves to delete lab notes or comments posted by other members. If a situation arises where it seems some editing is in order, please contact your Friendly Ruling Sparks, spiffystuff or sweetpea_grubb, and they will handle any tossing of unnecessary lab notes.

Legalese: Girl Genius is written by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio of TPU, with drawings by Prof. P. Foglio. Girl Genius is a registered trademark of Studio Foglio, LLC. Agatha Heterodyne, Transylvania Polygnostic and all Girl Genius art, characters, design elements and logos™ & ©2000 Studio Foglio, LLC., All rights reserved. We are borrowing them here with tacit permission in order to worship promote the goodness that is Girl Genius. However, this site is not approved by, sponsored by or affiliated with Studio Foglio LLC or Airship Entertainment. Remember, safety first! Always keep your experimental subjects well-secured, wear eye protection when brewing potions, never leave the hero to his Certain Demise, and store your acids and bases in separate cabinets!

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